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Cesar Pereira teaches seminar at black belt student’s academy, promotes one more to black belt

GMA member Cesar Pereira of C3 Athletics/Cesar Pereira in Stamford, CT traveled to his student’s academy to teach a seminar on Friday, Feb. 13. The event was held at RSCP BJJ/Eight Points Gym in North Carolina under Rick Screeton, who received his black belt from Cesar.

Those in attendance were students ranked from white belt to black belt. Cesar taught takedowns, omoplata attacks from closed guard using the lapel. He moved onto avoiding half guard and deep half guard as well as how to pass from those positions. Also, a trick submission from top half guard.

As part of the ceremony, Cesar also made a big promotion. Rick had a brown belt, who is also a muay thai champion, training under him and teaching alongside him. Cesar helped Rick promote Chris Clodfelter to black belt. Chris also teaches the muay thai program and is a professional MMA fighter.

All in all a successful night.

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