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Cesar Pereira leads team to earn 14 medals at CT State championships 2014

Over the weekend on Sept. 20, the 2014 Connecticut State BJJ Championship was held in New Milford, CT. One of the teams present on the competition mats was GMA C3 Athletics under Cesar Pereira who traveled from Stamford, CT.

When Cesar was not standing in as a referee in the middle of the mats he was coaching his students.

Overall, the team earned 4 gold, 7 silver and 3 bronze medals. Here are the athletes and their results:

Alucha Menni /Kids Male White/Grey Rooster – Gold/Bronze Alexa Broems /Kids Female White Middle – Gold Ioannis Economids /Kids Male Grey Middle – Silver Trevor Perkins /Junior Male White Light – Bronze Evyn Nile Christiansen /Junior Female White Medium-Heavy – Bronze Nicole Melendez /Adult Female White Medium-Heavy – Silver Alexis Davalos /Adult Male White Light Eric Gonzalez /Adult Male White Ultra-Heavy – Gold5 David Rodriquez /Adult Male Blue Middle – Gold & Open Class Silver Ryan Duhe /Master 1 Male White Medium-Heavy – Silver Katherine Ng /Master 2 Female White Light – Silver Young Kim /Master 2 Male White Ultra-Heavy – Silver Mario Silva /Master 2 Male Blue Light

A standout athlete for the team was David Rodriguez who not only won gold in his blue belt adult middleweight division but also earned silver in the blue belt adult open weight class.

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